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Creation of the identity for a brazilian film production company, whose work is focussed in social, environmental and educational issues.

The name, chosen by the client,
is one of the characters from the Wizard of Oz film, a tin man in search for his heart. It represents the aim of the company not only to reach to people´s hearts and make them react towards social issues, but also the care

and passion they put in every piece

of their work.


Bermell is an expert wholesale spices distributor based in Alicante, Spain. They source their spices from the exact regions, to bring the best of the spanish flavours to an international market.


We wanted  the design to keep a traditional spanish feeling, but also to elevate it to a premium level with a contemporary look. We used graphic patterns based on traditional spanish tiles, and created a very classic logo. The combination of this two elements together with the use of "white" in the graphic applications of

the brand allowed us to reach our goal.

O´Pazo is considered one of the best

fish and seafood restaurants in Spain.

They are driven by their commitment

to offer the best products of the sea.

Their preparations are simple, just grilled, baked or marinated, the best way to enhace the extraordinary quality of their products.


For the identity we, as well, focussed on the product. We used black and white photographs of the skins of different fishes. They  became nearly abstract images which resulted in extremelly

slick and ellegant pieces of print. 

Restaurante O'Pazo

Madrid, España

Identity and packaging for a new

brand introducing  home-made ready to eat meals.


We wanted a simple, modern and bold identity that focussed on the key element of the product: home-made, natural food. 


Sofia Freitas

Art Jewelry Marchand

Homem de lata

Film Production Company

Identity for one of the few international art jewellery marchands in Spain.


The use of a metallic bronce ink, and
the simplicity of the logo  succeed in making  it a truly personal simbol.


Burguer Restaurant

I was asked to create the identity for

a new burguer restaurant chain in 



The name itself could have asked for a 

classic, "borgueoise", approach to the identity, however, we opted for a funnier, more enjoyable and approachable personality that could appeal to a wider and younger crowd.


Pret-a-porter meals

© 2013 by Justina Sanchis. All rights reserved.

Barão da Torre 489. Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro. T. +55 (21) 75564364

Naming, identity and packaging for a cosmetic brand whose products main ingredient is milk.


The name "La Leche" appart from its literal translation: "the milk", is a popular spanish expression to indicate that something is cool. We used the traditional packaging  for dairy products, to contain our cosmetic products.

La leche!

Personal project

Nh, one of the biggest international hotel groups in Spain, asked Addison España to review its identity. With more than  347 hotels located primarily in EuropeLatin America, and Africa. NH Hoteles ranks third in the European ranking for business hotels.

The project included the design of every single piece of their communication. 


I worked in this project together with a team including Beatriz Cuevas, Roberto Verona and Luis Echánove.

Nh Hotels


T-Box is a turkish fashion retailer.

They started selling vacuum packed

t-shirts but soon their range of products expanded and now they have their own shops all around Turkey.


In collaboration with Ntity Brand Consultants we carried out the rebranding, packaging, retail design and kiosks for this brand.



© 2013 by Justina Sanchis. Graphic Design. All rights reserved

 Branding / Packaging / Editorial

Addison España asked me to join them
to make the design proposal for a pitch involving the brand creation for a new stationary retailer in Spain. 


We created a colorful, fun and friendly brand. We also developed a pictogram family, inspired in origami figures that

could be used in the applications of the identity: packaging, signing system,

products, etc.



Stationery Retailer
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