O'Pazo Restaurant _Possibly the best seafood

restaurant in Spain

The brief


O’Pazo is considered to be one of the best fish and seafood restaurants in Spain. Their offer is simple: the best quality products, specifically searched, cooked in the simplest way to enhance the texture and  flavors of their products.

After 25 years of existence, it was time for an update. I was asked to design the new identity that was true to their personality and offer. 



For the main applications of the identity, we used black and white photographs of the skin of different fishes. The images became nearly abstract textures.

What fish is that? for the uninitiated the fish world may be
a bit confusing, facing a fish menu may be challenging
To avoid confusion and help our customers, we commissioned an artist to illustrate the menu. The menu also highlighted the facts that make each of the fishes so special.