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Open for Vintage_Why would someone pay more for an old Prada handbag than for a brand new one?

The brief

To redesign Open for Vintage brand identity and e-commerce. At the moment, Open for Vintage is just another fashion e-commerce. The new design aims to position Open for Vintage as the reference brand in vintage fashion by curating and generating content that educates people about the unique value of vintage pieces.


The objective of the redesign is to position Open For Vintage as the reference brand in vintage fashion. How? By turning the online shop in a Fashion Magazine that helps to educate people about the unique value of vintage pieces, acts as a window display, and also creates an engaging user experience that goes beyond the act of shopping.


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Vintage fashion blog

Vintage pieces are unique, most of the time you only find one sample of each piece, and in just one size, so the shopping experience has different requirements than those of a traditional fashion e-commerce. One of the most challenging issues is to help the user find the right size to minimize returns.


All the touchpoints of the customer

with the product have to reflect the core values of the brand. 

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The most precious items should be carefully tagged, showing the specific details of the garment.

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OFV marketing material invites users to buy by providing style suggestions, look books, and also by curating special collections linked to seasons or events, and also by generating content about the history and values behind the most coveted brands and designers so the customers know about what they are paying for.

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