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Tribe Socks_ Revolutionary

custom socks


The brief


Tribe Socks is an independent company

founded by two crazy guys that discovered a revolutionary printing process that allows customizing socks in small runs.


Their system is also able to provide the best quality in the printing on the best quality socks. No plastic, no smelly feet.

They came to me because the needed a new identity that reflected their free and fun spirit.


Tribe Socks believes in the power of

your feet to create communities and also

to be a medium of self-expression.



The logo



The visual identity – logotype, symbol, and graphic elements- for Tribe Socks was created from the values of freedom, creativity, and fun.


I built a very open design system which evolved around the logo. The only thing immutable in the identity is the logo and the corporate typeface. The rest of the elements can vary as long as they reflect the spirit of the brand. 




The applications


The use of illustration is an important

part of the graphic identity of the brand.

The idea is to invite emerging artists to illustrate some of our key communication pieces.


Tribe Socks is also a responsible brand, we try to minimize the impact of our packaging and communication material by using compostable or recyclable materials.

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