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Represent.me_An app that allows people to vote about social and political issues that concern them.

The solution


A responsive mobile app based on original website that enables people to:

1.  Vote on political topics meaningful
to them.

2.  Raise questions about issues that concern them and raise awareness of these issues.

3.  View and collect data that portrays collective opinions in order to facilitate change.



The problem


In the current political framework people

feel that their needs are not represented
by their elected representatives and do
not feel part of the decision making in
issues that directly affect them.


The brief


In a two week sprint, I was set the task together with a team of 2, to design a responsive mobile website for, an existing online platform that gives people the chance to vote on political issues. The aim is to gather data about these issues and use it to influence decision making.



The design process



One of the main challenges was to organize

the possible multiple subjects, and to reduce the application features to a minimum. With that in mind, we carried out a card sorting exercise and a feature prioritization process that helped us to simplify the experience of using our app.


The UI design


We used a card format design, where
the questions and all the functionalities regarding that question are displayed inside the card, while the app navigational menu is displayed 

outside of it.

For the data graphics, we  used a color palette that ranged from green to red

colors widely associated with approval and disapproval.






Our research also showed that users find very important the visualization of data results, so it was key for us to create an engaging experience for our users when viewing and interacting with this data.




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