Open for Vintage_Why would someone pay more for an old Prada handbag than for a brand new one?


The challenge

At the moment OFV is just another vintage fashion e-commerce. The new design aimed to position Open for Vintage as the reference brand in vintage fashion.


I collaborated with OFV to help them put in place foundational design pieces such as their brand identity, marketing website, and native/web app prototypes.

OFV successfully launched the platform but ultimately decided to sunset the project for reasons beyond design, marketing, development etc. 


Vintage pieces are unique, most of the time you only find one sample of each piece, and in just one size, so the shopping experience has different requirements than those of a traditional fashion e-commerce.

All the touchpoints of the customer

with the product have to reflect the core values of the brand. 

The most precious items should be carefully tagged, showing the specific details of the garment.

OFV marketing material should provide style suggestions about how to wear vintage in an stylish and modern way, and also to inform about the history and values behind the most coveted brands so you exactly know what you are paying for.

OFV e-mail campaigns aim to attract potential clients  from three different fronts: seasonal pieces,