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Open for Vintage_Why would someone pay more for an old Prada handbag than for a brand new one?

The challenge

Open for Vintage is a luxury vintage fashion e-commerce based in UK. My role was to help them to create and  build a prototype that could facilitate them to get the second round of funds needed to develop their business.


This project was both a brand and a UX design challenge. On one hand, there was a need to differentiate OFV from a myriad of other vintage fashion stores, and on the other hand, we needed to create an engaging shopping experience that could help the brand to achieve its objective to become the reference brand for vintage fashion.

Phase 1: Research

The first step of the process was to gather data about consumer purchase behavior to identify the main issues to address when optimizing OFV shopping experience.


OFV. researchgraphic-01.png

Through this research we learnt that:


64 %

of consumers tend to use 

smartphones for online shopping.


58 %

get their inspiration to buy new clothes online. 


73 %

answered that the main criteria for purchasing apparel is price.


Important factors when buying luxury brands


88 %

Consider quality the main factor when buying luxury fashion


73 %

Consider style the second factor

when buying luxury fashion


28 %

Find important that the brand

is a trendsetter


55% of British women believe

they are more likely to purchase

clothes when shown on a person.

75% of  British younger people say that they are more likely to buy brands involved in social or environmental issues.

Main concerns about online shopping

Products turn out to be poor quality


39 %

Cannot see, touch or try on before purchase


37 %

Shipping and delivery

costs and times


30 %

These findings became the base for the work to be done:

  • Mobile First. Data shows that a majority of customers use their smartphones to shop and this is a growing trend. We needed to design with mobile at the forefront of all decision-making.


"Me and my friends mostly use Instagram and Pinterestto get fashion inspiration"

Monica, 33 years old. Accountant, Madrid

  • To create an engaging experience. While increasing sales is the driving force of any e-commerce, OFV is committed to creating an experience that goes beyond shopping. We want people to read our content, share our stories, subscribe to our newsletter, share their experiences, etc., as a way to build a successful brand in vintage fashion and thus, indirectly, increase sales.

"I am more inclined to buy fashion pieces when showed on a person rather than on a flat background"

Ann , 48 years old. Doctor, Liverpool.

  • Product Search Optimization. From performing a search from wherever you are on the site, and to make this search as straight forward as possible were the key issues when redesigning the site. We also develop a trouble free filtering system adapted to the specific needs of a Vintage fashion ecommerce. Likewise the PDPs offer plentiful information about the product to help convert customers to add to bag, but also to minimize returns.


Based on the research carried out previously and to help me understand OFV's users needs, behaviors, and expectations, I created 3 different personas. 

We also created possible scenarios to check existing user's journey when looking for specific items and tested it with different users.

Mesa de trabajo 1 copia 38.png

Through a process of sketching, testing and iterating we finally reached the prototyping phase, where both the UX design and UI Design converged with the brand identity that I had been developing at the same time.

In the mobile version of the platform you

can search for products via a burger menu,

but also the main interface of the home page gives the possibility of browsing through the extensive catalog of products  

in a more engaging way.

Through a series of curated collections

created periodically to lead our users to

specific products. 

MOB2. HOMEPAGE menu Copy.png

Through a burger menu you can access the whole listing of product categories. Data showed that the most popular products of the e'commerce are watches and bags, so we include these two categories on the first level of the menu. 

MOB3. HOMEPAGE menu Copy 2.png

I also optimized the filtering process according to our users needs and preferences.

MOB4.filter dresses.png
MOB5.filter dresses copy.png

The check-out process is crucial for all e-commerces. I broke the long process into stages, I also included a "Check-out as guest" option not only for new users but also because often people who have an account forget passwords; and it will be easier for them to check out as guests than to recover their password on their mobile device.

MOB10.add to bag.png
MOB13. Shipping ADDRESS.png
MOB14. Delivery.png
MOB14. Delivery.png
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