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Bermell_The best Spanish spices

packaged for the world

The project


To design the identity and packaging
for a new Spanish brand that exports high-quality saffron and other Mediterranean spices for the international 
gourmet market. 

We wanted to emphasize the proud heritage
of this Spanish product, which has always been associated with the highest quality of craftsmanship for more than centuries.


“I wanted to create a brand identity that
was linked to the past and traditions 

without being old-fashioned"

The design


Through the use of graphic patterns
based on the mosaics introduced by
the Arabs in Spain, we linked the identity with the Arabic heritage of the product. The use of white gives a modern and minimalistic feel to the packaging that contrasts with the richness and complexity of the logotype.

How much is

a pinch of saffron?

We created this prototype to package our most delicate and expensive product: Bermell Saffron. We thought it was important to have a packaging that helped to keep the quality of the product unaltered through time and also it could help people to use the right dose of the product when cooking.

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