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Art Huntr_A scavenger hunt developed

for the Arts Council of England to promote

engagement with the London Art Scene.

Prototype for App

The brief


In a two week sprint, create a digital solution for the Arts Council of England to encourage participation, a sense of learning and appreciation for London as a global center for arts and culture.

It was important to capture what was going on in London art scene to find any opportunities that could be exploited. We gained a good understanding of London’s current experience for residents and visitors by gathering data provided by the Arts Council, but also by carrying out surveys, interviews and field research.

Phase I: Research


We interviewed 60 people to find out about their experiences when visiting art events. We also carried out an on-line survey and field research on different art sites in the city of London. 

These research helped us to define our two main personas and also enabled us to create a basic experience map that showed the pain points on the process of attending an art event in the city of London.

Main Personas




Stephano Passerati

Web designer, 32.

Turist. Italy

"I love art, and I want
to discover new art venues in London,
location is key for me because I want
to make the most of the city in a few days"

Goal: To make the most of his time in London 

but still experiencing new and enjoyable art events.

Lucy Dazaur

Lawyer,  43.


"I love taking my children

to art events, they are free and

educational. But it is difficult to keep

them engaged with the experience"

Goal: To find engaging art activities for

her kids.

Experience Map




Screen Shot 2020-09-25 at 12.13.06

Affinity Map




The main pain point of the

whole experience of attending an art exhibition is decision making.




The offer is overwhelming

and a majority of our

interviewees do not know

how to make the right



32 out of the 60 interviewee's told us that they attended art events that were recommended by friends or colleagues.  


Competitor's Analysis


We chose 5 different platforms related to art to carry out a study about their approach to engage its users with the Art World. We found that the MoMA had one of the most engaging applications for users who wanted to connect with the arts in NY city. Not only was their app fun,  it engaged the user in learning about each exhibition and provided incentives for the users to come back to the Moma in the form of discounts for using the app. We managed to learn a lot from this and moved on to see what our actual users would think.


These are the key insights that defined the final version of the product:

  • People want the art event to be an enjoyable experience and a learning one

  • They feel ignorant about the existing art offer

  • They need a reliable guidance

  • Location is a key factor 

Based on the insights me and the other members of the team carried out a brainstorming session. A complete and user friendly art guide to the city of London was the first option, but we wanted to create a more engaging and fun product. We finally came up with the Scavenger Hunt idea and started sketching to see where it could take us.

Once the main user flows started to work we created the first low resolution wireframes to be tested.

Phase 2: Defining



Hand drawn sketches

makes the initial ideation

process very quick.

Once the basic user journey

was defined I created the

first wireframes to be 


Phase 3: Testing and Iterating



We made seven different iterations on our wireframes and a few rounds of user tests, and from those users tests came out a lot of  solutions that were key to the final design and usability of our application

Phase 3: Prototyping


How it works



We created different art routes inside the city of London based in location, type of art, and what we called our Tastemakers routes, especially created by well known artists and personalities.



The app guides you through hints towards key points. Every time you reach a key point you have to take a quiz related to that specific place. Only when getting the right answer you are allowed to proceed.

Once the main functionalities of the app were defined I created

the first interactive basic prototype.



At the end of the route, you get a stamp on your "passport." When finishing the routes you get a reward, that could be discounts for art events, cinema tickets, etc...

Prototype for App
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challenge 1.jpg
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quiz 2.jpg
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