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Art Huntr_A scavenger hunt developed

for the Arts Council of England.


The brief


On a two week sprint at GA  we were 
challenged with a brief for the Arts Council of Britain: To create a digital

solution to encourage participation,
a sense of learning and appreciation
for London as a global center for arts

and culture.



We interviewed 60 people to find out about their experiences when visiting art events. These interviews helped us to define our two main personas and also enabled us to create a basic experience map that showed the pain points of the process of attending an art event in the city of London.

Stephano Passerati

Web designer, 32.


"I love art, and I want
to discover new art venues in London,
location is key for me because I want
to make the most of the city in a few days"

Lucy Dazaur

Lawyer,  43.


"I love taking my children

to art events, they are free and

educational. But it is difficult to keep

them engaged with the experience"

Experience map




We identified 2 main users: visitors and families. By engaging visitors with the art scene in London, we could increase the international perception of London as a global art center. By engaging people from an early age, we can start building an audience of art lovers that will keep nurturing and encouraging the arts in the city in the years to come.

How it works



We created different art routes inside the city of London based in location, type of art, and what we called our Tastemakers routes especially created by well known artists and personalities of the city with their favorite art spots.



The app guides you through hints towards key points. Every time you reach a key point you have to take a quiz related to that specific place. Only when getting the right answer you are allowed to proceed.



At the end of the route, you get a stamp on your "passport." When finishing the routes you get a reward.



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