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Swingers_An app that allows music

lovers to connect and exchange music between them.

The project


To design an app that allows music

collectors to find people with similar taste and

to exchange music between them. Actually, this app was specially designed for my friend Shamal, a music nerd. In this case, Shamal was my persona.





Shamal is a music lover with very peculiar taste. Shamal is not into hits, and he has not an specific favorite genre. He does not share the musical taste of his closest friends and he finds It hard to discover new music now that he is working 10 hours a day. After interviewing him I found out that he is not a music lover, but a music collector. 



How it works


By comparing Spotify playlists, the app finds your swingers (people whose musical tastes match yours) so you can access their playlists and exchange music with them.


The UI design

Since it is an app about discovery, the loading page changes everytime someone logs in, and displays images from illustrators and photographers carefully curated to be aligned with the brand spirit.




We use as the main typeface Futura Bold Italic, a very dynamic font, approachable and

with a strong personality, inspired by the work of the artist Barbara Kruger.




The tone of voice of the app when relating with the user is key to reflect the brand personality, so we opt for an irreverent, friendly and witty tone of voice.


All rights reserved


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