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Paco Roncero´s 
Tapas sauces

Paco Roncero, one of the most awarded

spanish chefs and one of the key representatives of Madrid and Spain's vanguard cuisine, is the creator of two gastrobars, Estado Puro NH Paseo del Prado and Estado Puro en el NH Palacio de Tepa, that respond to his reinvention of the Spanish traditional Tapas Bar. He asked
me to design the packaging for a range of spanish tapas sauces to be sold

in these restaurants.

Paco Roncero´s 
Olive oil´s range

Packaging for the range of Olive Oils

launched by the 3 star Michelin chef Paco Roncero. The product is only available in

his restaurants.




Creation of a graphic system for

Carrefour Premium range of products.

The system had to be easily implemented

in more than 300 references in a wide

range of formats, jars, boxes, cans, etc.


This work  was done in Addison España,

being my role the design direction of

the project.



Tlc. Aromatherapy
Bath and Body Lotion

Design of a range of shower gels and body lotions. We wanted a container that was beautiful enough to stay on your bath

shelf even once the product was finished.

We created very simple porcelain bottles

that you could refill when needed.




Pret-a-porter meals

Identity and packaging for a new

brand introducing  home made ready to eat meals. All their recipes are elaborated using only natural ingredients, they are free of preservatives or chemical color agents.


We wanted a simple, modern and bold identity that focussed on the key element of the product: home-made,

natural food, made for urban people.



Bermell is an expert wholesale spices distributor based in Alicante, Spain. They source their spices from the exact regions,

to bring the best of the spanish flavours

to an international market.


We wanted  the design to keep a traditional spanish feeling,  but also to elevate it to a Premium level with a contemporary look.

We used graphic patterns based on traditional spanish tiles, and created a very classic logo. The combination of this two elements together with the use of "white"

in the graphic applications of

the brand allowed us to reach our goal.


La Leche!
Personal Project

We used common dairy packages to pack

our products, milk brick for the gel, glass bottle for the body lotion, condensed milk tubes for the hand cream, powderedmilk

can for the bath salts..


Pizzas with sauce

Campofrio was launching a new range

of pizzas which included an aditional

sacket of sauce with different flavours

so you could add it to your taste. It was specially targeted to teenagers. 

They asked Addison to come up with a proposal that broke with ther usual
graphic style.


We played with the double meaning of

"salsa": sauce and music, and we create a family of characters, all salsa musicians.

We chose a silver material instead of the usual plastic blister. Unfortunatelly, 

the client decided not to take the risk
and opted to keep their traditional style.


Stationery Retail

Addison España asked me to join them
to make the design proposal for a pitch involving the brand creation for a new stationary retailer in Spain.


Unfortunatelly, once the work was done.

the group decided to give up the business plan because of internal group political changes so the pitch was cancelled.


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