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Schweppes _ Design update for

the most iconic tonic water 

in the Spanish market

The challenge was to elevate the Schweppes can design and make it more sophisticated and glamorous while keeping the strong presence and recognition of the yellow can.

Old Schweppes can design

The brief


Ntity Brand Consultants invited me to join
them in a pitch to redesign the Schweppes can.

With the boom of Gin & Tonic mix, new tonic water brands disrupted the Spanish market traditionally lead by Schweppes. This new brands offered a more elegant, clean and adult design and this was affecting Schweppes brand perception for the worse.


The approach


We decided to focus the design in the main differentiating asset of the brand: its history.  By cleaning up the background of the can and enhancing the "legacy" elements such as the signature, date, and history we managed to come up with a successful design that elevated the brand perception through their can design.

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