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Cove_ one of those experiences that most freelance designers go through.. 

What is all about




It was Christmas, I was spending some time with my family abroad when I received a call. It was someone from a creative agency. They have come across my portfolio and liked it but they  wanted me to go through a design test before hiring me. I agreed, even if I was not sure what I was agreeing to.




Later I found that the test was to develop three design proposals for a CBD drink specially targeted for women. They also set a limit of time for me to do it.  Finally, I did not get the job but since I devoted those hours to it, and I am rather happy with the results, I am including it here as part of my portfolio of work.

Cove.fruit.Mockup copy.jpg

Route One.




This design is focussed on the flavors. I used a simple, modern and Matisse style illustration, and  a pastel color palette directly related to the ingredients of each one of the drinks.

It is a feminine, soft and laid back design that can appeal to a younger audience.

Since I was not given too much information about the brand, just a brief description of the product and its target market, I explored a different brand positioning and personality  for each one of the routes.


Route two



I called this the feminist route. In this case, the idea is to use illustrations of women made my women. Women doing things that they enjoy doing.

Cove.minimal.Mockup copy.jpg

Route three



The sophisticated. In this proposal the design

is extremely simple and minimal. It appeals to a more mature and sophisticated woman. Since Cove is a sparkling drink the use of metallic gradients relates to the world of Champagnes and Spumantes. It can be the healthy option to replace an alcoholic drink.

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