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Carrefour_The best Spanish wines at the most affordable prices selected by experts.

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Paco Roncero, considered one of the best chefs in Spain, contacted me to design a book about Tapas. He had just opened a new restaurant focused on a modern interpretation of traditional tapas and he wanted this book to be a homage to his mother. Apart from traditional recipes,

he shows some curious and unknown facts of the Spanish tapas world.

The brief




Carrefour, one of the biggest supermarket chains in Europe, launched in Spain a collection of high quality and affordable wines specially selected by expert

enologists. With over 50 different types of wines from different areas of Spain, the challenge was to create a system that identified them as a unique family in the shelves, but at the same time, the design could reflect the different personalities of each of the wines.

We created a basic design structure
all the labels and we used a different
for each of the families.

A color codification indicates the age of the wine: black for young ones,

silver for Crianza and gold for Reserva.


The design




We created a basic design structure for the label that is used across the whole range of wines. The idea behind is that the top part of the label displays the name and origin of the wine, while the bottom serves as a white canvas for artwork. Each wine region uses an illustration from a local artist; a fixed color code identifies the "age" of the wine.

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