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The Tin Man Films_ A film 
production company that will make

your heart move

The brief


Creation of the identity of a Brazilian

film production company whose work is focussed on social, environmental, and educational issues.


The name, chosen by the client, is taken from the famous film character and it represents the aim of the company to reach to people's hearts, awake their emotions, and make them react.

The objective of the design was to convey in the simplest way the company mission: To make people's heart move

I made the logo the hero of the identity, no color to distract, pure black and white.

The name, given by the client, is taken from the famous character, and wanted to express the aim of the company to make films that get into the heart of things, but also to touch people's harts to make them react. 

The brand comes alive through its applications and The Tin Man Films becomes a person.

tinman.tshirt copy.jpg
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